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Gymnastics star Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris, star of “A Second Chance”) is at the peak of her gymnastics career and on the verge of making the Australian Olympic team, when a dramatic fall in a qualifying event puts her future plans on hold.


Devastated and downhearted, she goes to stay in the country with her long-time mentor and coach Beverly Carmel (Carmel Johnson). Beverly convinces Maddy to coach a new team of young gymnasts from the local country club: boisterous and confident squad leader Tess (Stella Shute), Alkira (Eva Grados), a super-talented Aboriginal girl, and local girl Tayla (India Colombi) who is struggling with self-image issues.


As Maddy focuses on coaching, she hopes to rediscover her passion for gymnastics, the team goes up against a team of city girls as they compete to win the State Championships.

Maddy soon learns that the coach of the rival city team is none other than her old adversary and frenemy from her junior training days nine years ago, Becky (Elysia Markou).


Now, Maddy must find her inner strength again if she is going to overcome the challenges ahead and take her team to the top. It’s a country girls versus city girls showdown, as Maddy Cornell and her team go to the mat in A SECOND CHANCE: RIVALS!


Emily Morris


Stella Shute


Eva Grados


India Colombi


Elysia Markou


Alexander Lloyd


Adam Tuominen


Sally Pearson


Natasha Wanganeen


Nina Pearce

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